Parents play a vital role in their young athletes career by providing both emotional & financial support.

On the PSA TV Parent Channel we have gathered a bits of information from past conferences & seminars that, as a parent, you may find interesting & helpful.

Take a look around & stay tuned for more tips as they become available.

Supportive Sports Parent Responsibilities & Tips:

  • Be sure your skater is on time for every practice
  • Reiterate importance of a good warm-up & cool down
  • Help them keep equipment in good repair
  • Choose a coach wisely then let them do their job
  • Take care of athlete health & injury issues
  • Provide a safe & positive environment
  • Keep up with skating rules
  • Encourage your child to develop their own self-awareness of skills they have gained. This will enhance self-confidence and facilitate the transfer of such skills to other areas of life.
  • Put trust in the coaches’ methods. If the same messages are being portrayed by both the parent and the coach then there is a lower chance of the child becoming confused, which means they will be able to focus more on working towards set goals.
  • Provide emotional and tangible support. This may seem obvious, but reassuring your child that you are there when they need you will show your support.