The Brian Orser Collection

Brian Orser-

Known as “Mr. Triple Axel,” Brian is a World Champion, two-time Olympic Silver Medalist, and eight-time Canadian Champion. He was appointed Member of the Order of Canada in 1986, was promoted to Officer, the highest civilian honor in Canada, two years later.  In 1988 Brian was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in 1995, and inducted into the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1997.

As a professional Brian was just as busy, if not busier than he was as an amateur, starting with his first television special Skating Free which was filmed on the frozen surface of Lake Louise. 1990 was another big year, complete with his award winning special Night Moves and then his Emmy-winning role in Sandra Bezic's Carmen on Ice. Besides keeping busy with specials and tours, Brian also competed in a variety of professional competitions.

After nearly 20 years Brian retired from professional skating in 2007. 

In 2005 he was named Skating Director of the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club, and is currently coach to World and Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu, and World and European champion Javier Fernandez.  Now his main focus will be on sharing his knowledge with the next generations of skaters and coaches.